Valentine’s Day Mini Pillows Hearts|Roses


The mini pillows are made from cotton fabric with assortments of hearts and roses printed on a light or dark background. The other side of the pillow may have another design or solid color to match Valentine’s Day theme.  Valentine’s Day and Heart theme home décor for Tiered Tray, and Valentine’s Day décor, party décor, photo props, basket fillers, etc. Every piece is hand-made to order. These pillows are not a standard size.


Rose Heart Pillow Set (2 Pillows)

Pink Rose Pillow Set (2 Pillows)

Light Heart Pillow Set(2 Pillows)

Dark Heart Pillow Set (2 Pillows)

Heart Pillow (1 Pillow) Raw Edge

Pillow Set: Raw and Non-Raw Edge

Pillow Materials: 100% Cotton fabric and fiberfill Pillow

Size: Approximately 5X5 inches to a ½ ich larger

Earn up to 12 Points.

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