Personalized Valentines Day Mini Pillow Hearts


Personalized Valentine’s Day mini pillows are made from cotton fabric with assortments of hearts printed on a light or dark background. The other side of the pillow may have another design to match Valentine’s Day theme. One side of the pillow will come personalized with 1-2 letters with a heart. Valentine’s Day and Heart theme home décor for Tiered Tray, and Valentine’s Day décor, party décor, photo props, basket fillers, etc. Every piece is hand-made to order. These pillows are not a standard size.


Light Heart Background

Black Heart Background

Personalized Pillow: 1-2 Letters only From A to Z

Pillow Materials: 100% Cotton fabric, HTV, and fiberfill Pillow

Size: Approximately 5X5 inches to ½ ich larger

Item: 1 Mini Pillow

Enter 2 letters for Personalized Pillow.

Earn up to 18 Points.

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