Lilac Rose Party Favors Acrylic Box


Party favors are decorated with an artificial foam rose, trims, and beads.  We can customize it for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and other special events. A beautiful table favors adding a touch of elegance. Celebrate this special day with the ones you love. Includes 3 party favors.

Option Styles:

  1. Rose and Box
  2. Rose, Box, White Lace Trim
  3. Rose, Box, Cream Lace Trim

Material: Artificial Foam Rose, Acrylic box, Lace Trim, Bead.

Size: Acrylic box 2.5 inches plus Rose on top approximately 3 inches

Item: 3 Set

If you are interested in a Personalized tag for your party favors, please send me an email.

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